Our IT team uses innovative technology and their expertise to drive our business forward, maintain our IT infrastructure and support our colleagues with their IT equipment needs.

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IT Service Delivery

Our IT Service Delivery team ensure that our colleagues around the business have access to the right IT services and resources so that everyone can work effectively. The team are dedicated to providing a high-quality support service and are always on hand to respond to incidents, troubleshoot technical issues and provide solutions to support the needs of the business.

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Infrastructure / IT Systems

Our Infrastructure team create the best possible solutions and maintain all our technology and tools to meet our business goals. They maintain the technology that supports our daily operations and work hard to ensure that our systems and applications are in line with the wants and needs of each of our business units.

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Our Data team work closely with other functions around the business to make sure that data is always ready and always accessible so that we can make informed decisions. Using their state of the art visualisation tools, they help to put the incredible power of our data in the hands of everyone who needs it.

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SharePoint and Projects team

Our team of in-house experts design, build and develop sites, tools, forms and applications using SharePoint to remove manual process as well as improve efficiency and collaboration between our colleagues. They continually review and improve our existing functionality and support teams around the business with their SharePoint projects to ensure their needs and requirements are met.

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